Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s hard. But it’s always right.

Someone once told me the difficult runs are the ones that make us better. I am still struggling to get back in shape. It will happen.

A few pics from the weekend (followed by my cross training workout):




I took this last picture to show my Start/Finish line.  I literally come around the corner, see the finish line, and can hear the Olympic announcer saying my name as I sprint through the finish line. I know. I have an active imagination. But it gets me through.

I have a cross training workout for this evening, and another 2 miler tomorrow. (I was going to start working out on the track this week to change it up, but I’m not quite ready yet.)

My Cross Train Workout At Home:

15 Bicep Curls (I use 7lbs)

15 Tricep Lifts

30 “Punches” (with the 7lbs)

25 Leg Lifts Per Leg

30 second Plank (building this up to one minute)

100 Russian Twists (usually done in 2 sets of 50 right now)

30 Mountain Climbers

30 Squats

50 Jumping Jacks

**Repeat 3x**


This works well for me right now~ I shoot for 3-4 days a week.  Takes me about 30 minutes.


What other good exercises do you like to do at home?



Hitting the Ohio outdoors today..rain or shine.

I love where I live. I wake up to beautiful sunrises daily!

There is rain in the forecast today. But I don’t care. It’s Saturday and and I intend to enjoy it. My BF’s son wants to go golf ball hunting-one of my favorite past times- so who am I to deny that? 

Somewhere in the mix I have to fit in a short trail run. I’m excited since I’ve been getting back out there. I’ve missed that runners high. 

I’ll recap later and include my race plans. Hopefully from a computer, using my phone is beyond challenging. 

Any fun Saturday plans out there?

A starting run. A wonky knee. Weight issues.


Yesterday I finally did it.  I went for a run.

In the back of my mind I know I have a 5k I want to do in October.  I better get my big butt out there & run.

I miss the excitement of races. Of bettering my times. Of competing with myself. The adrenaline. And of course, the ever-stylish race tee’s.

My old trail is still there. Just as I left it. And yesterday the BF took Koko (one of our 3 fur babies) for a walk on the trail, and I did just about a 1.6 mile run. A 10:22 mile pace (Since I am so used to watching my ‘pace’, even though it was only 1.6 miles).

As soon as I started running, my right knee felt wonky. It didn’t hurt. It just didn’t feel right.  As I lay in bed last night, I still felt it. When I woke up, the ‘wonkiness’ was there still.  And you got it. As I walk around work, I still feel it ever so slightly.

It’s not too bad, and it doesn’t hurt. I’m just going to keep an eye on it, and call it my ‘wonky’ knee for right now. Stay tuned.

The other issue I encounter now is that I am 20lbs heavier than a year and a half ago. I have no good excuse. Pizza. Dining out. Not exercising.  I forgot about that extra “jiggle” when you run with some extra pounds. Not really pleasant.

Tonight, after my long drive home, I’m going to do another short run and add in my 30-minute at home workout afterwards. BF will take another doggy (just to be fair) for a walk too.

Tomorrow I will post the workout deets. And a list of local races I may try and jump in on Oct-Nov.

Anybody have any ‘wonky’ parts?  (Keep it clean people….)



Back at it. Maybe.

This poor little ole’ blog has lain dormant for a long time. Very long time.

When I got the inkling to get it going again- at least for my own entertainment- I debated starting a new one. But this one has so much history. I would feel like I was betraying my blog if I started a new one.

This one feels like an old friend.

Many things have transpired in the last year or two. I moved. Twice. Son graduated. There was a divorce. A baby. (Not mine). A job change.

Wow. No wonder I’ve been exhausted.

Running has taken a back seat. Like a in the caboose. Back of the plane. Actually, who am I kidding- running had left the building. But I’ve had the chance to hit the trails the last couple weeks, and I’m liking it.

I’m back.


End of year races in Northeast Ohio & Redundant Words

I was looking into December races in Northeast Ohio and figured I might as well share my findings with y’all.



But first, some housekeeping issues. I am working on not using the word “so” as much in my posts. I have a problem with the word. If you notice me slipping back into that annoying habit, please inform me immediately. Everyone is aware of my lack of grammar skills, so therefore please feel free to correct me if you like.

So, Anyhow, all you writers, I found a great writing resource. Check your writing and grammar at Maybe I should follow my own advice. Well, we’ll see.

Back to the races.

December Races in Northeast Ohio.

December 6:   A Christmas Story Run, 5k or 10k, Cleveland, Ohio,  Register here.

December 6: YMCA Yeti Obstacle Run, Green, Ohio, Register here.

December 13: Frosty Frolic 5k, Canton, Ohio, Register here.

December 13: Firefighter’s Frozen 5k, Niles, Ohio, Register here.

December 14: Jingle Bell Run, 5k, Lyndhurst, Ohio, Register here.

December 20: Selfless Elf, 5k, Akron, Ohio, Register here.

December 24: Frosty Five, 5k, Hudson, Ohio, Register here.

December 31: The Great New Year’s Even Race, 5k, Stow, Ohio, Register here.


And of course, so many New Year’s Day options, that may have to be a separate post.

I had a goal of 12 races in 12 months, and to date I am at 11. I must pick one more!


Anyone ever feel this way??

Did anyone set a goal for a number of races in 2014? Did you meet that goal?

Will you be setting a goal for 2015? Share!

Race Recap: Cleveland Turkey Trot & Race Thoughts #CLETurkeyTrot

Another Turkey Trot in the books.

This ‘trot’ is always a special one for me. Years ago, (2009?) when I was a slightly overweight non-runner, a friend told me about this race and I signed up.

How hard could running be?  (Okay, okay, I can hear you laughing…enough). I might have been  overweight, and had not run in a decade, but what the hell? I chase kids around daily, so I was sure I could it.

I went out running in preparation for the event. Twice. I went out twice. And probably walked/ran 2 miles each time. Whatever, I figured, it’s only a 5k.

Till I found out it wasn’t.

It was 5 miles.

Of course, long story short, I survived. I came in just over an hour~ maybe 1:05 or so. What I do remember was feeling ecstatic afterwards. It was my first introduction to the infamous ‘runner’s high’.

After moving away for a couple years, I came back to the Cleveland Turkey Trot last year, coming in at 49:30. Pretty amazing what training/preparing can do for your time!

So, this year was my 3rd experience at the Cleveland Turkey Trot. My first goal was to beat 49:30, my second goal was to beat my 5-mile PR of 47:39.


Love how I always manage to hide my face? lol We will try again:


Nerdy girl running!

The Stats:

WHAT: Cleveland Turkey Trot

WHERE: Cleveland, Ohio

DISTANCE: 5.00 Miles

TERRAIN: Pavement

TIME: 47:19  *New PR by 20 seconds!

76/289 in my AG.

Over 8,000 runners participated. Weather was around 35degrees (F), a little windy but not too bad, and very cloudy. (It’s winter in Cleveland~ of course it’s cloudy!).

The biggest obstacle I found was the streets were full of slush & puddles, making for wet feet very early on.

These aren’t great shots, but you might be able to get the idea of the road conditions:




Thoughts during the run:


I’m really not in the mood for this. I can’t believe I’ve been waiting for weeks for this and now I’m not in the mood. I’m in an idiot.

Damnit. My shoelace is untied. Should I run over to side & tie it? Damn that will mess with my time. Well, so will falling on my face. Okay.

Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me.

Made it to the side. Now to tie my shoe.

Shoot, is my ass-crack hanging out while I’m bending over?

Okay, back at it. Go strong to make up time.


Did that clock say 10 minutes? What the hell? I just ran mile 1 in ten minutes? You suck girl, speed it up!

Geez oh man. Still 4 miles to go.

These miles are so long.

Did that guy just tell his girlfriend they can just run it slow? I’m running their pace~ I guess I’m running slow. Sigh.

Oh my GOD, what is that guy wearing?



I’m walking for a few seconds. I’m more than halfway and this side cramp is killing me.

Why is that man running with a newspaper?

Is that lady wearing a costume or…

Okay, I feel pretty good now. Push yourself.

I swear this is the longest mile yet.


Holy Geez. I feel good. I could run all day.

Whoa. Where did that wind come from?

Was that timer right? Run Jen Run! You could PR if you finish strong!


One. More. Mile.

I got this.

Pass that man in yellow. Pass that girl with the tutu.

Pass that girl with the ‘666’ bib.

Yikes. Did she have a bib with ‘666’ on it? Bummer…Well, she’s beating me…

Is that the finish line? Already?

Sprint! 🙂


1 – 9:14

2 – 9:12

3 – 9:45

4 – 9:31

5 – 8:59

Hermes Road Racing always puts on good events. Well organized from start to finish.  They are the big dogs in town. I love that we have Public Hall to stay warm in before the race. I also love the water, bananas, bagels, pretzels (and more stuff I’m sure) that were handed out afterwards.

Of course, I plan on being back next year. I also plan on smashing that record again. Hey, a girl’s gotta have goals.🙂

For those of you looking for race results, click here.


Monday Mentions…On a Tuesday (For good reason)

A good reason for me anyhow. Yesterday afternoon we lost power, and this morning it is still not back on. Thanks to a horrific, freaky windstorm. Seriously. A wind storm in November. Like it’s April or something.

I had to hang on to my little Dorothy & Toto. (Little A would not be happy I used this pic from way back…Shhhhh…don’t tell!)


So, I had to postpone Monday Mentions, which is fine, except for the “Monday” in the title. Oh well.

I used to write Monday Mentions a while ago, and after discovering some new, awesome blogs in the last week, I wanted to bring it back this week. On Tuesday. (Okay I’m done whining about that. I promise.)

Moving on.

This week I wanted to Mention the following blogs that are worth checking out. Please do!!


Blissful Britt.  She calls herself a “vegan with benefits”, which cracks me up. She has an awesome sense of humor, writes about healthy living (and chocolate!), and has a tab entitles, ‘What Id Sell in My Food Truck’.  She is worth the read!

The Harold Chronicles.  Another blogger that makes me laugh! On top of that, this self titled, ‘cantankerous old fart’ is a fast & competitive runner, with lots of running info & faces under his belt.

Delana R.A. Dameron. This lady runner doesn’t take any crap from anyone when it comes to her running, and I love that. Read “Big Girls do Run…Marathons.”  She is also a teacher and a writer and her journey is inspirational to follow. (Make sure you check out her writing tab!)

Marathon and a Sprint. First, what a great title! It IS all about the Marathon AND the Sprint. And I love, love, love this poem: ‘Twas the Night Before Race Day .

I Run in the Rain: ( This lady’s on a journey from “Obese to Normal” and she looks great!!! She uses running to motivate, and isn’t planning on stopping for the winter. You go girl!


Anyone else having freaky weather this November?


Weekly Running Recap & A Shot of Beet Juice


Is it Turkey week already? I don’t know if I should be happy, shocked, or worried…Time goes too fast!


I had a decent running week. Not horrible. Not great. But decent.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 2.6 miles @9:36

Wednesday: 5 miles @9:41

Thursday: 2 miles – Run/Walk as I paced a new runner  (D!)

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 2.1 miles- Run/Walk with D (He’s doing great btw🙂

Sunday: 6 miles @9:30

Total Miles: 17.7

Funny how my fastest was my long run day…Maybe because it was my only outside day?  Hmmm…food for thought🙂


Remember how I almost died when I tried Beet Juice? Okay, not really, but it wasn’t pretty. Well this girl won’t give up so easily. I read that beet juice daily for a minimum of 6 days has positive effects on increasing stamina during workouts. Can’t hurt so I’m giving it a go.

It’s been going down a bit easier, although I’m not doing a full 8 oz. More like a double shot worth.

The aftertaste is what is still killing me, but I’m learning what foods I can have right after to rid the taste. Coffee-not so much. Cantaloupe –  worked like a charm.


Thursday is the big Turkey Trot day in downtown Cleveland.

Goal A: >49:30 (last year’s time)

Goal B: >47:39 (My 5-Mile PR)

Goal C:  Be able to eat as much pie as I want with dinner.

I honestly have no idea how this will go for me. This race always seems like a wild-card because of weather. We will see!

There’s still time to register: Check it out here!


Surely there are some of you out there running Turkey Trots this week~ tell me which ones!


Adding to the workout…

I tend to get in a running routine, but slack in other areas. While I’ve been struggling to bring my pace to where it needs to be I realized that I am lacking in strength training & cross training. When I was reaching my fastest I had been adamant about doing both.

Time to get back at it.

For the next two weeks, this is my every other day routine. I am also adding in stair walking for 10 minutes each day at work.

Of course, I’m working on slowly increasing my mileage as well. (With hopes of increasing pacing).

With as busy & hectic as my schedule can be, this workout is only about 20-25 minutes long. If I have time, I can  make it longer, but this is my minimum goal.


Those Russian Twists work awesome on me for developing abs! Over the summer I spent less than two weeks doing them, when I suddenly realized I had ab cuts~ whoa. Exciting stuff. Remember this:


You might have to look kind of hard to see them. Trust me, they’re there. Don’t see them? Look harder! (On second thought, never mind, quit looking. Just take my word for it)

Then stress & oreos (probably jelly beans more likely) took over and…you know the rest.

If you do nothing else- trust me- those Russian Twists work awesome- and fast!


Anyone have any killer workout moves they love? Favorite exercise?

Anyone have any suggestions for those hips? (I mean what the heck~ looks like I am walking around with saddlebags. I blame childbirth)



The day I tried Beet Juice.

Not Beetlejuice. BEET Juice.


But before I go any further, can we all agree that Michael Keaton kicked ass as Beetlejuice? Even Alec Baldwin was pretty good~ but I think that was before the daughter-bashing and drug stuff.

Okay. Back to the topic. Beet juice. I have heard other athletes discussing beet juice benefits before. Good for you, gives you energy, blah, blah, blah. I’m always skeptical of the new “good for you” trend. However, when a couple bloggers I know to be skeptics as well tried beet juice, and it worked for them, I thought I should give it a go. It seems to give athletes more energy, taking longer for them to tire out.

When I try something new, I always have a process.


First, I checked with the pro himself, Dr. Oz.

Dr Oz


Then, because WebMD diagnosis all my health probs, I went there next.

Lastly, to get an athletes perspective, I checked out Training Peaks.

I won’t insult your intelligence by repeating what I read there. You guys can read. I think. Check out the sites, they have great info.

Step Two.  DISCUSS WITH RANDOM PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE DAY TO GAIN THEIR POINT OF VIEW. Or to just see if they think you are really crazy.

B: (Non-athlete, health nut, at work). I’ve never heard of that before, but I would try it if it’s that good for you.

J: (Non-athlete, non health guru). I would drink that. I love beets.

A: (On again, off again health guru) That sounds nasty. I’d rather eat guinea pig food.


A quick Google search shows it available online, anywhere from $5 to $50 a bottle. Apparently some health food stores may have it. I didn’t want to wait for it by ordering it online, so I figured I would check out some area health food stores. And I was particularly interested in the $5 bottle. The Biotta brand.  Ain’t no beet juice worth $50.

Step Four. BUY IT.

I walk into this little health food store in Amish Country.(I live there. Amish Country, not the health food store.)  The man behind the counter, obviously excited to have a customer, asks if he can help me. While usually I shun human interaction in retail establishments, I ask him if he carries beet juice. He excitedly escorts me to the shelf. He tells me how he has regulars that buy it to lower their blood pressure. I tell him I am a runner. (Which oddly feels as if I am lying to the guy. Other people are ‘runners’. I just run.) He wants to talk marathons. I want to pay and leave.


B: OMG You bought it! Tell me how it is!

A: Nasty.

wpid-20141115_112605.jpg I decided to give it a taste in the evenings. My plan is to drink an 8oz glass each morning, and an hour or two before I go running.

I give my mom a glass with a splash in it for her to try first.

We all stare at her as she tastes it.

She likes it.

Now, my turn. Even if it’s bad, I’ll pretend I am just taking medicine and get it over with. I can do it. I smell it. There is no way I can do it. My stomach is churning. I smell it again. I have no idea why I am torturing my nose with it.

Several minutes later, the family is bored of watching me ‘try’ to drink it. So I swig it. And I gag. I’m not gonna lie. It was kind of gross.

I wonder if it could be an acquired taste. Like Coffee. Beer.  Maybe if I keep trying it.

I convince my daughter to take a taste. She is unwilling, but she does. She literally gags and we think she might lose her lunch. She doesn’t.

It tastes a bit like dirt & grass.

But, if you like beets, you might like it.

I for one, am going to try to ‘acquire’ a taste for it.

Time will tell.

They say to drink a glass a day for 6 days and your stamina will be greatly improved. Plenty of time to get ready for the November 27 Turkey Trot in downtown Cleveland that I am registered for.  Who’s gonna be there?? 


Check out downtown Cleveland’s annual Turkey Trot here.


Anyone tried beet juice before? Love it? Hate it?


Which Turkey Trot are you running this year?